Such ruby lips did once kiss mine.
Hateful! Blasphemous! Divine did cry it sinful!
How we gulped and swallowed their ill advice,
To taint and poison, purify and cleanse, our greatest wine.
Strangle sweet screams and deny it joyful!
Naive and innocent were we; enraptured by their blind device.

Such topaz skin did once touch mine.
Minds twirling, but our hearts were flooded,
Sh…Morning light will we amend and forgiveness summon.
Gazing sun did for your skin glimmer and shine,
While burnt my face a mask of glossy red.
Flake! Scales of keratin, reveal your demon!

Such rose quartz mouth did once taste mine.
Gone as spilt wine, nothing but memory,
Stained with guilt for being the same.
No more! Judged Love and Remorse, I resign!
For to love an opposite other: foul forgery!
Relinquishing you, precious jewel, my greatest shame.

Such amethyst cloth does touch you now.
Facets of jewel no longer shine.